• Sat. Jul 31st, 2021

Caddo wind site new clients as ALLETTE Clean Energy signs with Hormel Foods and Oshkosh Corporation


Feb 16, 2021

ALLETE Clean Energy, which is a subsidiary of ALLETE, Inc., made a huge announcement. It turns out that Oshkosh Corporation and Hormel Foods have signed renewable energy sale agreements with the company. The total capacity will be 100 megawatts to be sourced in the Caddo wind site in Oklahoma, which is under construction at the moment. This project is in southern Oklahoma in Caddo County, to be precise.

The energy capacity of the Caddo site is 303 MW. Upon completion, the capacity of the ALLETE Clean Energy will be twice the one it has today. Consequently, it will be possible to deal will the increasing demand for clean energy from the corporate sector. So far, three Fortune 500 customers have signed renewable energy sale agreements with the firm.

According to Allan S, Rudeck Jr, the president of ALLETE Clean Energy, working with the pair makes them proud of themselves. After all, the two corporations are big companies in the Upper Midwest. Equally important, the company would play a significant role in helping the corporation meet its sustainability goals through renewable energy. Thanks to projects like Caddo and other similar ones, the eventuality would be strong local economies. Their role in decarbonizing and diversifying the energy supply would help the nation significantly. Courtesy of supportive lawmakers, communities and landowners, Oklahoma has become a conducive business environment. Such partnerships have made it possible to develop energy infrastructure investment that matches the 21st-century demands. Additionally, it is quite encouraging to the investors.

Local communities also stand to benefit from the construction of the Caddo wind site. Throughout its construction, 200 people will get jobs to help them earn a living. Landowners will also get to pocket $54 million as payments for their land. Equally important, the tax revenue will increase by $50 million. Finally, its completion will create operations jobs that would remain as long as the Caddo wind site is in existence ranging from 12 to 15 opportunities.

ALLETTE Clean Energy is privileged to work with such companies. For instance, Oshkosh Corporation is on the list of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. It has also clinched a position among the Top 100 Most Sustainable Companies by Barron’s. According to Newsweek, it is the most responsible company in America. On the list of FORTUNE Companies, it is the most admired. Caddo site will help it reach its target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25% come 2024.

On the other hand, according to Newsweek, Hormel Foods is also one of America’s most responsible companies. As far as 3BL Media is concerned, it is part of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens. With the Caddo wind site, it can reach its 100% transition to clean energy by 2030. After all, once the project is over, it will be at 50%.