• Mon. Jun 14th, 2021

Work begins on the 448MW Calvados Offshore wind project


Feb 25, 2021

In recent days, EDF Renewables, in conjunction with the EIH S and WPD, launched the construction of the 448MW Calvados offshore. It aims to start its operation in 2024. This project is a grand one whose consortium includes the EDF Renewables for 42.5%, Enbridge subsidiary EIH for 42.5%, and WPD for 15%. The total budget of the project is two billion euros. What exactly does this billion-euro project plan to achieve? Its main goal is to construct and operate sixty-four wind turbines. The location should be 10kms from the Bessin coastline with an area coverage of 45 sq. km.

After its commissioning, scheduled for 2024, the project is expected to generate power consumption for 630,000 people annually. This population is equivalent to over 90% of the people in the Calvados French Department. This Calvados offshore wind farm has a power purchase agreement that should last for two decades. Managers were able to acquire this offshore wind farm in 2018 June from the French Department.

If everything goes as planned, the 448MW project should last at most three and a half years. With that, it will create jobs for over 1000 people in Normandy. Not to mention, it will play a key role when it comes to the French offshore wind industry. Currently, the project managers are working on constructing the Le Havre at Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy’s Quai Joannes Couvert plant. This area will house the location where the wind turbines will be manufactured.

There will be commissioning scheduled in the mid-year of 2022, and experts expect that by then, the project will have created 750 jobs in both direct and indirect ways. Also, the plant will have manufactured 71 wind turbines whose construction began in June 2020. Assembling wind turbines will happen in the Port of Le Havre before shipping them to the installation site. The offshore structure is due in 2022.

RTE will play a significant role in connecting the wind farm and the offshore sub-station leading them to Normandy’s electricity grid. Also, its work is set to commence in March. This project will work alongside various reliable supplies. They include: Siemens Gamesa will supply the 647MW wind turbines, Prysmian Group for the connecting cables, Saipem for the monopole foundations, and SDI and GE for offshore sub-stations.

When this project starts its operation period, it will create jobs for one hundred people for the maintenance work. EDF Group Senior Executive vice-chair Bruno Bensasson assured the coming up of two other projects. And these projects will employ at least 7,000 people. He went ahead to explain their work and what people expect over the years. The Vice president of Enbridge also talked about their need to invest in renewable energy. Other than that, WPD executive director expressed his happiness to be part of the venture.