• Sat. Jul 31st, 2021

Pakistan Catching Up in Renewables Race


Jan 11, 2021

Renewable energy prospects are taking over in the Greater Asian region to include previous war-torn countries like Pakistan. According to reports, the country is on the rise to develop its renewable energy market to cater to its energy deficiency and high electricity generation cost.  A new report shows that the country is currently trailing renewable energy generation from its wind and solar energy prospects. This realization comes after increasing investment in the country’s potential to tap into solar generation as a possible energy source.

Pakistan is largely a desert region exposed to a relatively high amount of sunlight compared to other countries. Because of this, the country recently invested in a 425-megawatt power plant that prospects show can derail the country’s dependence on fossil fuels as a source of energy. However, the delay in integrating a fully renewable energy source has taken so long that it is a cause of concern for the general public. According to record, the project was due for integration in 2019 but experienced a ten-month delay from the government concerning legal licensing.

According to a report, the group of investors concerned with the venture raised complaints to the country’s Prime Minister after claiming that they had finalized the necessary requirements with the country’s energy regulatory commission the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority managed to clear the financial requirements for the venture to run. However, the project still awaits certification from the commission to start operations.

Experts relate that this project can lower the average energy bill to 4cents per unit, a new all-time low for the country. However, other reports show that the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority managed to green-light a couple of projects different from the current venture. These approved ventures include a couple of wind generating plants capable of producing 275 megawatts of electricity. On further speculation, the country approved a further venture that saw the development of 350 megawatts solar power plants to be established in the country’s Dera Ismail Khan Region. There is concern over the prospects for the project sighting that the country experiences delays in releasing regulations. Other factors limiting the growth of the sector include claims that new renewable energy prospects have to undergo a competitive bidding process from the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, policy raised on a previous commission meeting.

The country has several renewable energy projects currently pending, coming to a total of 8, including five wind energy projects and three solar projects. The proposed wind projects have a generating capacity of 275 megawatts each while the proposed solar energy prospects can generate 150 megawatts each. Meanwhile NEPRA previously a green-lighted several small-time projects including the 100-megawatt Norinco International Power plant, the 50-megawatt Iran-Pak Power plant, another 50-megawatt Sinowell Power plant and 50 megawatts Shafi Power plant together with a 25 megawatt Moro Power plant. The commission additionally accepted proposals for three more solar power projects capable of producing 50 megawatts namely the Javed Solar Power Plant, the FAS Solar and Kolachi Solar plants.