• Mon. Jun 14th, 2021

Electric Vehicles’ Charging is Now Available on the Indian Toll Road


Jan 24, 2021

If you own an electric vehicle and drive on the Indian Toll Road, you need not worry. This is because two charging stations were recently installed by the ITR Concession Co., the toll road operator. The charging stations are located in Rolling Prairie at the Knute Rockne and Wilbur Shaw travel plazas. ITRCC collaborated with Martell Electric to install Level 3 charging, which is also called DC is Fast Charging.

These charging stations can charge your vehicle up to 80% in 30 minutes, relieving the travellers range anxiety. The new chargers feature online connectivity and are synchronized with the EVConnect cloud platform. The platform allows drivers to use their phones to search for and find charging stations. The smartphone app helps users get real-time notifications when the vehicle is fully charged, offers active charging information, and enables them to secure payments.

The ITRCC says that it will install more chargers with minimal upgrades since most electric vehicles have an average range of 157-mile. Nick Barr, the ITRCC CEO, said that they know many electric vehicles use their road; hence they want to provide them with a charging place to charge their cars to keep them moving quickly. He added that they are ready to install more charging infrastructure as they expect more customers to adopt electric vehicles. Barr said that they plan for all their travel plazas to be deployed with charging stations to meet their customers wherever they go.

ITRCC wants its employees to be using electric vehicles.  For instance, the company bought a Chevrolet Bolt to be used by its staff. This electric vehicle’s purchase is part of the pilot program to find out its feasibility for a large EVs rollout. Since installing electric vehicle charging stations take some months and sometimes years, a California-based company says it would reduce the installation time to a minimum of four minutes.

Beam Global has signed a deal with San Diego City to build and maintain 50 solar-powered charging stations. Desmond Wheatley, Beam Global CEO, said that the city would not incur any expense in this project, and this also applies to the drivers who will be charging their vehicles in these charging stations. Cody Hooven, San Diego city’s chief sustainability officer, said that there is high adoption of electric cars, but the installation of public charging infrastructure is not increasing.  He added that is for this reason, they want to install more charging stations to meet the drivers’ demand.