• Mon. Jun 14th, 2021

Delivery of Texas Storage by Chinese Company


Jan 28, 2021

Sungrow, a Chinese company, has been awarded a contract to provide a fully integrated power storage system to a Texas state Chisholm Grid Project. The company is supposed to supply 100MW of clean, renewable energy. After the project is completed, Chisholm Grid would be the biggest battery energy storage facility in Texas. Its construction started in August 2020 and is expected to be accomplished by June 2021. The facility uses NMC battery technology and will sell its generated power to the ERCOT wholesale electricity market together with other grid stabilization services.

Chisholm is possessed by Astral Electricity and started by Able Grid Infrastructure Holdings, which is a co-partnership between MAP RE/ES and Able Grid. Aaron Zubaty, MAP RE/ES chief executive, said that working with Sungrow, a global technology leader has enabled Astral Electricity companies to develop market-driven solutions to help speed off the power supplies’ decarbonization and boosting the performance of the grid. He added that they are looking forward to a long-term working relationship with Sungrow while offering reliable services even in the future.

Mizhi Zhang, Sungrow Managing Director, said that the Chisholm Grid energy storage is a wonderful milestone for the United Nations’ energy storage market. He added that they are committed and working hard in ensuring they offer more energy storage innovations supported by the industry’s biggest R&D team. Zhang said that the company has a very supportive local team that provides technical support as well as after-sales services.

Many countries across the world are devoted to ensuring the production and consumption of renewable energy is increased. This is because clean, renewable energy would help fight against climate change. The use of renewable energy helps decrease greenhouse gas emissions, helping to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

Renewable energy would also play a vital role in the adoption of electric cars. This is because many car owners will be able to access clean and affordable power. There before, renewable energy was considered to be a bit expensive compared to other forms of fuels. However, this is not the case today. As more projects are being installed, the cost of renewable energy is slightly decreasing.

Those people who have embraced the use of renewable energy are paying power bills half price than what they were paying there before. This reduction is making many more individuals and households start using renewable energy. The good thing is that the clean power market is not a challenge as many people have already accepted its consumption.