• Fri. May 14th, 2021

Belgian intelligence forces have a new surveillance satellite eye in the sky


Feb 2, 2021

The Belgian military intelligence service has been able to navigate a new state-of-the-art surveillance satellite over the last few days, offering the sharpest photos so far accessible in Europe, says VRT. The latest satellite results from a collaborative agreement with Germany and France and will be utilized by the Armed Forces General Intelligence and Security Service. The satellite is the second of the three program members and connects with the Earth via a 30-minute period of communication with the Swedish polar center at Kiruna. “With the satellite, our nation has the clearest images presently available in Europe, along with Germany and France,” One senior officer, who refused to provide the resolution information, stated. “Military Secret,” he added.

A few weeks earlier, however, a French general was recorded revealing that the latest spy satellite provides such sharp images that it can identify “the arms carried by fighters who are on the ground. The CSO-2 satellite holds several colors, infrared, panchromatic sensors, which can be integrated to create 3D images. The photos will then be made accessible in Sahel, Mali, or even Iraq to troops on the field. In the meantime, specialist researchers will review the pictures back at home as well as provide more evidence-based on their interpretation.

However, the satellite’s powers would not only be open to security forces. For starters, the photographs may be used to decide if the uranium mine or even a nuclear plant is operating. The geolocation technologies of the Belgian navy, as well as other marine vessels, may be useful. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs may call for ultra-detailed maps of the affected area in the case of severe disasters in the world. And foreign relations might also be preparing for an emergency that has not yet existed. “For instance, we can plan evacuation procedures to hospitals in preparation for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at massive major sporting events where there are several Belgians,” one of the professional analysts informed VRT.

Airbus-developed CSO-2 (Composante spatiale optique) French Armed Forces Earth observation satellites have been successfully deployed on the Soyuz launcher from the French Guyana’s Kourou European Spaceport. CSO-2 is the subsequent two out of three constellations of CSOs to enable the French Armed Forces and its allies with incredibly high precision geo-information intelligence as a result of the MUSIS collaboration programme (Multinational Space-based Imaging System for the surveillance, reconnaissance as well as observation). The CSO satellites are fitted with a very flexible pointing system and are managed by a safe center for ground control operations.