• Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Stephen Hampton shares some information about Telesat, including its contracts and business plans


Jan 5, 2021

It is no secret that Telesat has been making headlines frequently for all the right reasons. It has been in the limelight for its upcoming connectivity plans and incredible innovation. Its collaboration with the Canadian governments, especially in contracts worth much money, is another reason why the company has been in need. Last year, it agreed with the investment board of investments of the Public Sector Pension (PSP) and the Loral Space & Communications. Consequently, Tesla became a public company and is also listed on NASDAQ. The company’s manager in charge of Government affairs, Stephen Hampton, shed some light on the company during an interview.

He expounded on the announcement of Tesla becoming public. According to him, the structure is bound to change. It makes a leeway for any public market investor willing to own Telesat. Equally important, Telesat can also access public equity markets.  Since they are yet to receive regulatory approvals and approvals from other involved parties and various necessary customary conditions, the deal is still pending. However, if things go as planned, it will be effective by either the second or third 2021 quarters since there are high chances they have received anything necessary.

He also made remarks on whether Telesat plans to dominate any other market besides Canada. According to Hampton, the company has services deliverable globally. They include government networks, telecom, maritime, enterprise, and aeronautical. The upcoming Leo constellation will also be available to all plane passengers regardless of their country of origin. Therefore, they hope to grow all over the world while still maintaining already existing relationships.

He added that innovation is still something the company holds dearly and is proud of, and nothing will change. The LEO constellation was one of the examples he gave. He also highlighted other instances when Telesat made history. As far as the provision of internet access to ISPs through the internet is concerned, the company was the first to achieve that globally. The same case applies to conducting the LEO satellites’ 5G backhaul demo.

Regarding the competition that SpaceX and Amazon pose with their projects similar to LEO, Stephen says that the company’s experience and designs of their satellites leave them at an advantage. Besides, he says that they listen to what the customers expect, and LEO responds to similar feedback.

Covid-19 impacted the company adversely. For instance, some companies needed relief, which affected the total revenue. Fortunately, after some time, the parties had conversations to ensure that they reached agreements favorable to both companies. Telesat hopes that the vaccine will see the company and its customers go back to normal before the pandemic. Hampton is also convinced that governments are investing in space projects.